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Oncology Company Alpha Tauは、2900万ドルを調達

2016年に設立され、アルファ放射線を使用してさまざまなタイプの固形腫瘍を治療 Alpha Tau は、2900万ドルを調達します。
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Founded in 2016 and headquartered within Tel Aviv University, Alpha Tau uses alpha radiation to treat various types of solid tumors.

Currently in clinical-stage, Alpha Tau’s technology targets cancer cells by inserting a seed containing Radium-224 atoms into the tumor. Radiation particles are then released when the radioactive substance decays inside the tumor, killing the surrounding cells. The firm has raised $29 million in a funding round led by Jerusalem-based late-stage investment firm Shavit Capital.

The latest investment brings Alpha Tau’s total funding raised to $54 million.

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Oncology Company Alpha Tau Raises $29 Million



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